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Datamark UK Ltd – For The Best Self Adhesive Label & Tag Solutions Around

Datamark UK Ltd – For The Best Self Adhesive Label & Tag Solutions Around

If Carlsberg Manufactured Self Adhesive Label & Tag Solutions or Supplied Labeling Systems, then would this be what’s on offer:  Datamark UK Ltd – Quality Self Adhesive Labels & Tag Solutions;

Quality Self Adhesive Label & Tag Solutions from a Manufacturer who pride themselves in delivering on time.

Datamark manufacture & supply Self Adhesive Label & Tag Solutions using a variety of materials for even the most demanding projects. These include materials which perform in extremely low temperatures (-210℃) such as Cryogenic Label Applications & high temperatures (1200℃) for the Labeling of extremely hot materials providing traceability through the manufacturing process.  One such new product is currently undergoing successful testing for the tracking of products being put through the extremely rigorous Galvanising Processes.

Our key objective at Datamark is to provide our customers & new prospects alike, with a range of Self Adhesive Label & Tag solutions, which we deliver on time to these customers and new prospects 99.95% of the time.

At Datamark our Customer Service support from our internal and external sales team is second to none, and we like to assist our customers in the management of their labels. We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Self Adhesive Label & Tag Solutions market totalling something like 75 plus years combined experience.

Quality Label Print Solutions

Datamark offer a range of Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Printers supporting our range of Self Adhesive Label & Tag Solutions. These include the TSC Printronix (Now a TSC Silver Power Partner) and GoDEX range of products.  Part of this range includes a wide variety of Mobile Print solutions for the busy Warehouse and Retail store environments.  We also offer a solution for those companies who seek to verify every single barcode they print, to alleviate the issue of Non-Compliance Fines from OEM’s and Retailers for failed barcodes.

If you have a requirement for Self Adhesive Labels & Tags or Print Systems then send your enquiry to mark@datamarkuk.com or call 07805 553907 and allow us to show you what we can do.  Many companies have already given us the chance and are now valued customers helping drive the success of Datamark UK Ltd.