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Plain Label Contracts for Improved Efficiency?

Plain Label Contracts for Improved Efficiency?

News:  Datamark UK would like to offer you the opportunity of working with us in the supply of your Plain Label requirements utilising Annual Contracts for supply which improve your efficiency.  Whatever Plain Label you use, Datamark UK are able to produce these and offer significant benefits in using Datamark for the production of your Plain Label requirements.

How do Datamark UK do this you may ask?

If you are a volume user of Plain Labels in Rolls or Fan-folded and currently are having to not only buy in volume but have quantities shipped into your warehouse which may be taking up too much valuable room for your own products, then consider using Datamark Label Contracts for your requirements.

Some companies are having to purchase more than one months volume of plain labels in order to obtain the best price. This is where we differ, let us plan your monthly requirements and when your Contract commences we will deliver one months requirement initially and plan production for following monthly deliveries so when you place your next call-off labels are in stock and ready for next day delivery.

This will mean a more efficient service where we deliver what you the customer wants, when you want and reduce the space required for stocking labels increasing space for your own products!