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100% Recyclable Backing Material For Labels

100% Recyclable Backing Material For Labels

News:  100% Recyclable Backing materials, are you seeking a Label which contributes to the reduction in your companies “carbon footprint” & offers a potential cost reduction? Datamark UK manufacture plain labels for industrial & retail customers.  These labels come in a wide range of sizes & materials including Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer with 100% Recyclable Backing (PET).  Logistics, distribution and parcel carriers would benefit from the use of these materials as the print quality on these materials is superior to standard honey glassine backed materials, ensuring increased rates of barcodes scanning first time.

The benefits of 100% Recyclable Backing material are:

  1. Our new 100% Recyclable Backing material provides a much more stable solid backing resulting in labels with a better print quality.
  2. The 100% Recyclable Backing Material is thinner so more labels per roll
  3. This material is also costs comparable to Labels supplied on a Honey Glassine backing.
  4. So rather than pay to have your used liner product taken away, consider using our 100% Recyclable Backing materials and get paid to have it collected.

If you would like further information on this new 100% recyclable backing material then call Datamark UK on 01482 506560 / 505101 or email us on sales@datamarkuk.com for further details.