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GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers

GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers

News:  GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers

Datamark UK are now pleased to announce another addition to our range of GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers.  We will now in addition to the other brands we are able to supply, now have the range of GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers on offer.

Datamark UK is dedicated to make your barcode printing experience easy, 100% satisfactory, and affordable with the inclusion of GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers to our product range.  At GoDex they build printers to last. GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers are heavier, have more powerful motors, and have more metal components in them than the others for one reason; reliability. Quality is the #1 priority at both GoDex and Datamark UK.  GoDex are an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified manufacturer and have met the quality standards of many world-class Fortune 500 companies around the globe. GoDex back up their quality program with the longest and most comprehensive product warranties.

When you get any of the GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers which will come with test labels and ribbons, a USB cable, and Seagull Scientific Windows drivers, and GoDex’s FREE GoLabel software, with database capability. All you need is your PC and within minutes, you will be up and running printing your own barcode labels.

To discuss your requirements for these machines please call Mark Newton on +44 (0)1482 506560 or +44 (0)7805 553907