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Datamark Launches New Mobile Domain

Datamark Launches New Mobile Domain

Datamark UK is very pleased to announce the launch of their new Mobile Domain www.datamarkukltd.tel which is specifically designed for use with Smartphones and Tablet PC Devices.

With the ever increasing number of people utilising Smartphone and Tablet PC Technology, for browsing while on the move, we felt it added to our ability to provide the latest information to our clients & prospective customers.

The ease as to which we can incorporate new news items & new products will benefit all. We will also be utilising in conjunction with this, our www.datamarkuk.com QR Code & www.datamarkukltd.tel QR Code to enable rapid links to both sites, so click on the links and scan either Code with a suitable Smartphone to view the content.

For further information please contact the following:

Mark Newton (Sales Manager-Datamark UK)  Mobile No: +44 (0)7805 553907

Office Number: +44 (0)1482 506560 +44 (0)1482 505101